« retour

Mana Kikuta


In his film «Without Sun», Chris Marker imagines the story of a man who comes from the future. It comes from a future where man uses all the capacities of his brain, that is to say also all the capacities of his memory. He forgets nothing, it is the full memory. But because he has forgotten the forgetfulness, he does not feel chills before a painting and he does not understand the sadness of an odor. But one day, listening to a melody by Mussorgsky, «Without Sun» precisely, this man sets out to understand this prehistory of memory, this world of time that flees.

In «Monument to the Young Violinist» Mana Kikuta printed the movements of a child playing the violin on a wet collodion on glass plates. She re-enacts the invention of Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) who, already with the wet collodion, had imagined chronophotography. But she does the opposite way and picks up the frames of the film in the same place. The plates of glass are superposed in a pile, in a stele. The added images then draw the wrinkles of a mysterious ocean. In depth one can still guess the movements of an inaudible melody, the film of a growing child, an oblivion to come. It is no longer a question of dissecting the world, but rather of making the vertigo of the things that fade away again. On the wall, a glass plate alone faces the monument, the child in a garden imagines without violin the gestures of music.