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Gabriele Stabile

Since I started photographing in 2006 I have been drawn to issues of immigration, displacement and resettlement.

Twice an immigrant myself I first moved from a small rural Sicilian town to Rome, following my father’s search of a better job and life conditions, and then when I grew up, I moved with my wife to the United States of America, following my own big dreams in my own big city.

The photographs from this series are part of an ongoing body of work I produced during the last ten years.

I photographed immigrant populations, refugees, minor and major immigration crises in Europe, in the islands of the Mediterranean basin, in the Middle East, in North Africa, and published a monograph, “Refugee Hotel” ( McSweeney’s, San Francisco, 2013 ), six years in the making, on refugees’ resettlement in the United States of America.

But I realize now, despite my efforts, the integrity and the commitment I’ve poured into this body of work, that all this time I failed to perceive the big picture. Looking back I see that the events I covered, despite the geographical distance in the storylines, are in fact deeply interrelated. They now appear to me like pieces of the same incomplete, ever evolving puzzle. And I realize I just started to scratch the surface.

Today the very same idea of western civilization is undergoing profound changes: Europe is struggling to shape its new identity, in the wake of the large migratory fluxes of the last few years and America is being rocked by dramatically opposite approaches to immigration and integration: more walls are being built, and as conflicts and calamities.